Strengthening Government Response to Covid-19

The Need

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic required the establishment of new systems and routines that could help identify and manage disease spread

Impetus helped build and operationalize a two-part system that could function to:

  • Enhance disease surveillance capacity; 
  • Produce actionable insights to inform public health response
The Mechanisms

Underpinning the identification and management system were structured and robust data reporting mechanisms

Data Collection

Nominated focal persons for data entry in District Health Offices and other local health facilities

Uniform Reporting

Developed and disseminated standardized reporting templates for use in reporting facilities

Caseload Tracking

Reappropriated existing online disease surveillance systems to help track COVID-19 cases and  inform response

Routine Formation

Established routines for data reporting whereby data was entered at fixed intervals

Data Verification

Conducted random checks on province-wide data for accuracy, timeliness and completeness

Result: A centralized and digitized daily reporting system was established which provided the Health Department with complete, up-to-date and detailed knowledge of virus spread in each district

The Outcome

Once these mechanisms were in place, Impetus worked to analyze the collected data to help inform evidence-based policy-level decisions in real time

Pre-emptively declaring provincial
‘State of Emergency’
Consistent, timely, and accurate
reporting to the public
SOP dissemination for the safe
reopening of the economy
Delegating authority to local governing bodies to address citizen needs
Onboarding the private sector to enhance healthcare capacity
Maintaining two-way communication with frontline workers to build confidence

Result: Policy-level decisions were timely, accurate, and in accordance with citizen needs, as Impetus was able to provide the Health Department with evidence-based insights to inform Covid-19 response