Support to Pakistan Polio Eradication Program

The Need

The rising number of cases prompted a comprehensive review of the Pakistan Polio Eradication Programme

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) proposed reforms in 4 key areas:


Clarify team organization and individual roles at all levels


Streamline and re-orient processes to focus on end beneficiaries


Improve performance management and capacity building


Enhance data usage for planning and decision-making

A Transformation Office was established to drive initiatives along these dimensions, whom Impetus partnered with to provide support in two key areas of the transformation effort: people and data.

Impetus Advisory Group dedicated a 5 member team to support the Transformation Task Team for seven months:

  • 1 Partner – strategic support
  • 1 Senior Associate – managerial support
  • 3 District Field Coordinators (DFCs) – implementation support
The Intervention

Training modules on 3 thematic areas were developed for online use and further refined based on trainers’ feedback

To minimize disruptions during the COVID-19 outbreak, it was decided to shift programme staff trainings online using the ‘RISE’ platform.

  1. 30 training modules created so far
  2. Trainings were made more interactive, keeping in view the shift in medium
  3. Feedback from trainers and field practitioners was incorporated to focus trainings on requisite competencies

TORs and Structure



Performance appraisal system was revised to enhance accountability & facilitate regular feedback for professional development

Details of the Intervention:

  • • Routines for evaluation and feedback were introduced
  • • Tools were developed to structure feedback and professional development sessions
  • • Performance incentives were restructured based on nature of positions/roles

The revised system applies to the following 12 positions:

  1. District Polio Officer
  2. Deputy District Polio Officer
  3. District delivery, operations and supervision officer
  4. District Communication Officer
  5. District data usage and risk assessment officer
  6. UC Polio Officer
  7. UC Medical Officer
  8. UC delivery and operations officer
  9. UC Communication officer
  10. Area Supervisors
  11. Social Mobilizers
  12. Community Health Workers

Exhibit A: Employees’ goal-setting form was designed to inculcate a culture of self-accountability

Exhibit B: Performance Scorecards were improved to align them with revised TORs, and to evaluate employees on output KPIs and soft skills development