Enhancing Recruitment for Government Schemes

The Problem

New and complex schemes require meritocratically recruited and appropriately-skilled personnel for successful implementation

Features of the existing government recruitment process:

  • Quality of educational qualifications is not considered
  • Relevant professional experience is not considered
  • No standardized process for hiring interviews

This leads to:

  • The hiring of staff who lack relevant skills
  • The unsuccessful implementation of new and complex schemes
Our Proposal

Using existing mechanisms to make overall recruitment strategy scheme-centered and role-specific

Competitive Recruitment:

  • Applicants undergo rigorous selection process after vacancies are advertised
  • As per 2017 amendment, 3rd party testing firm may be hired to screen applicants

Deputation of Civil Servant:

  • Government officials are recommended and reviewed for transfer onto a specific scheme 

Market-based Talent Recruitment:

  • Specialists are headhunted undergo a rigorous selection process 
  • Applicants are evaluated for technical expertise, analytical, and managerial skills
Our Vision

The proposed recruitment strategy to facilitate smooth and efficient scheme implementation

The Process:

  • Recruitment of skilled technical staff (via the private sector) ensures technical components of the scheme are managed adequately
  • The transfer of existing bureaucrats is cost-effective, and allows smooth operations management due to their insight into govt. structures
  • A competitive selection process allows the most skilled person available to undertake any/all administrative functions of a scheme