Boosting Agricultural Productivity

The Need

Agri-business capacity building within Pakistan requires up-to-date empirical data about the roles of relevant value chain actors

To enable investments in the productive and compliance capacities of value chain actors, the following must be readily available to potential investors:
  • The roles of relevant value chain actors, and their relationships to each other;
  • The current compliance levels of these actors against national and international regulations response
The Intervention

Impetus assisted with primary data collection and analytics to glean insights that could help to inform subsequent capacity-building efforts

Survey Piloting

Surveys were translated and piloted in the field prior to data collection

Field Officer Training

Field officers were recruited and trained prior to their formal deployment

Data Collection

Representative populations were sampled and surveyed within their localities

Data Visualisation

Information was visualized and analyzed to produce coherent narratives, or ‘data stories’ using the empirical data

Result: The evidence-based insights produced for Agri-food and Agro-industry value chains allowed for the identification of areas where capacity-building investments could be made

The Outcome

Now published, these ‘data stories’ serve as a readily accessible source of information for particular agri-businesses in Pakistan

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